I own an extensive selection of industry-standard mixers, recorders, microphones and wireless systems. For an exhaustive list, please contact me.

Bag Kit

(A complete recording and mixing system contained in a portable bag)

Mixer/Recorder: Zaxcom Nova

  • Mixer/recorder featuring integrated wireless receivers and built-in Zaxnet (remote control functionality)

Talent Wireless: Zaxcom ZMT-3 and ZMT-3X transmitters

  • Miniature transmitters controllable through Zaxnet at a distance, so talent does not need to be disturbed for gain or frequency adjustments.

Talent Lavalier Microphones: DPA 4063, DPA 6060, Sanken COS-11D, Countryman B6

  • I have many professional lavalier microphones in various colors, sizes and sensitivities, to match any vocal timbre or volume with a full suite of lavalier mounting supplies to attach or hide in wardrobe.

Boom microphones: Sennheiser MKH-416, Sennheiser MKH-50

Cart Kit

The "modern mobile sound technician's home on the go", a sound cart has all the essentials needed for larger narrative projects: monitors, antenna masts, a dedicated control surface, and high-capacity battery power.

Control Surface: Zaxcom Oasis

À la carte

Timecode: (3x) Betso TCX-2+ timecode boxes, Betso WTCS-1 smart slate slate