About Me

An audiophile from my earliest years onward, I have a personal appreciation for the immersive quality of sound and its role in storytelling. As a working sound mixer for several years, I understand the challenges in making that a reality.

I'm a firm believer that the 'soft skills' of a sound department member are just as vital as experience and technical know-how. The sound department relies on the cooperation of all other departments to provide the environment in which pristine sound capture is possible; whether it's the silencing of a noisy prop, the relocation of a power generator, an alteration to wardrobe, or a carpet underneath the footsteps of a camera operator: we ask of other crew members without providing anything to make their jobs easier.

This makes it necessary for us but not to be only skilled technicians, but communicators and team members.

Experience has taught me there's no difference between being a good sound mixer and being a good sound mixer to work with.